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Membership Level
List Price
Membership Fee3 $469 $48 600
On-Line Directory Listing 120 NA 300
On-Line Directory Ad 199 NA 795
eJournal Articles (/article) Included NA 160
Coaching – Initial (/hour) 25% 75% 160
Coaching – Follow-on (/hour) 25% 75% 160
Monthly Evening Gatherings Included Included 160
Quarterly Experiential Exchanges Included NA 70
Monthly Advanced
Master-Mind Breakfasts (/each)
Included 35 40
Monthly Master-Mind Breakfasts Included NA 20
Email Your Announcements to Members Monthly Included NA 10
Printing Services (% of Average List) 25% 75% 120
Web Services (% of Average List) 25% 75% 360
Other Marketing Services (/hour) 25% 75% 160
Promotion of Members to Media Included NA 1000
Direct Media Promotion (/hour) 25% 75% 160
Credit Card Processing Service via telephone only ($80 startup + $5/mo statement fee + $20 min monthly fees: 3% + $.55/transaction) 140 140 200
Participate in our lead practitioner teams for Healthcare Cost Reduction Consulting Wellness Programs (/month) 492 NA 1000
Participate in our new Complementary Healthcare HotLine for non-emergencies (/month) 492 NA 1000

1 Rates for Supporting Membership are our List Price rates, which are discounted 25% from normal market rates.
2 Annual Value based on List Price rates: consulting/coaching, labor, discounts, ad and other.
3 Monthly plans are available for Membership Fees and Packages more than $300

To maintain our Non-Profit Association, provide the highest-quality information and service, and to collaborate in the success and abundance of your business and the Complementary Healthcare community, we invite you to joinfor the following minimum fees (describe more fully below):

  • Professional Member – Practitioners, Product Suppliers, Special Services and Facilites – $469   ($1.28 per day)
  • Non-Profit 501(c) Organizations receive a 35% discount
  • Supporting Member – $48

Two-year Memberships - add 60% to fees shown.

Renewals for Professional Members (and higher) are about 85% of the posted rate.

$48 discount on Professional Memberships (and higher) to members of ABMP, ACW, AMMA, ARC, CAMA, CAP, CMN and HANG.


See payment methods below –
we do accept credit cards.

Benefits - Professional Members (and higher):

Benefits - All Members:

*CWPA Consultation Rate is $120 per hour, minimum 30 minutes

Professional Member (and higher) Qualifications

To enroll, send or email the following:

  • References – a Professional Member (or higher) or three non-related clients – provide phone and, if available, an email address
  • Education in primary modality, and appropriate credentials
  • LicenseRegistration or Certification, as available
  • Location – suitable office space, at home or in an office building

Membership Categories

Professional Member – $469   (equivalent to $1.28 per day)

This is the next highest level of membership for Practitioners, Product Suppliers, Special Services and Facilities – includes Advertising and Writing opportunities, Best Prices on other services, as well as Free Initial Marketing and Internet Coaching

Other Membership Levels

Non-Profit 501(c) Organizations receive a 35% discount

Supporting Member – $48

Open to anyone who wants to contribute and enjoy the general Member Benefits

Multiple Professional Members (or higher) at same location – subtract 20% per Member

Multiple memberships from the same location, even with different business names, if enrolled at the same time. Includes separate listings, but not separate benefit sets.

Note:  We offer a $48 discount on Professional Membershipsto Members of ABMP, ACW, AMMA, ARC, CAMA, CAP, CMN and HANG.

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Please send your qualifications and fee today, in US dollars

We accept the following: Check, Money Order, or Credit Card: AMEX only

By check or money order – send to:

CompWellness Network Membership
576 Valley Road #276
Wayne NJ 07470 USA


Please call in (888-80-4WELL = 888-804-9355) or email the following:

Full Name (that appears on your card), Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Billing Address (including Zip Code), and your Contact Phone.

Note: many credit card processing systems are manual like our in-house system – your credit card will be processed though a secure system and all information will be kept strictly confidential.

For Internet email security, it is a good idea to send your card number in two parts. Simply prepare your email with part of the number, send it, then immediately send the rest of the number.

Thank you very much for your participation and support. Please send or email your information and fee today.

Kenton H. Johnson,